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Tukula Workshop

Jinja, the source of the Nile, is a major tourist destination in Uganda. With whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and beautiful views of the river to occupy your time, you might overlook the town itself and the growing textile industry found there, which is turning out some of the most spectacular weaving and tailoring I’ve seen in Uganda. Through the windows of one small shop along a main road, you’ll often see Sally, a tailor, hard at work behind her pedal-operated sewing machine; the word “Tukula” painted on the wall behind her.

In the local language, Tukula means “we grow,” and that is precisely what Sally and her co-workers are doing as they refine their tailoring skills and learn to believe in a better future for themselves. Sally, who is newly married and does not yet have children of her own, dreams of one day opening her own tailoring shop in her home village. For now, she is happy to be able to help her father pay school fees for her younger siblings, to make sure they will have opportunities to succeed. Founder Melissa Terranova has worked tirelessly to promote the talents of these women, and makes sure they are provided with fair salaries, medical care, and access to savings programs.

This year, Ember Arts has partnered with Tukula to make colorful kitinge headwraps, which you can find in our shop online. We believe that Tukula’s mission lines up perfectly with our vision, and have been excited about this opportunity to work with them. In their words, “There is so much potential for people if you just give them a chance to dream. We’ve seen first-hand how quickly circumstances can change for young women by giving them that chance. After getting to know the ladies of Tukula, we realized they have dreams beyond their sewing machines. Whether they want to buy livestock or teach others how to sew, Tukula is dedicated to giving these ladies the opportunity to reach their goals.”

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