Do More Than Just Shop

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Getting gifts is good. Giving is better. But best of all is investing in the people you care about.

Today, Black Friday, is a blemish on America. After a day of family and gratefulness we trample each other in pursuit of stuff we don’t need.

We do need gifts from each other. And buying something thoughtful for another person can be a wonderful gesture of relationship. But the gifts we really need can’t be bought.

We need each other’s presence. We need encouraging words and warm hugs. We need forgiveness and generosity and understanding and the assurance that, no matter what, I’ll be there for you.

We need the sometimes difficult recognition of our equal humanity regardless of which continent we were born in, what color our skin takes, how much money we do or don’t have, or any other factor that tends to separate us.

If you are going to buy gifts, it’s better to invest in products that make a positive difference. A few companies we recommend: Krochet KidsSseko, Mend, Plywood, and of course Ember.

Buying from these companies makes the world a little better, but it’s just a start. Do more than just shop. Give the things you can’t buy: your time, your attention, your heart. You have so much more to give.

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