Connolly Family Sets Out on Ember Tour

Every family needs a little adventure. For the Connolly clan (comprising of Ember team members Jessica and Clayton, as well as 4 year old Kairah and 11 month old Shiloh), a little adventure doesn’t quite cut it.

This month, the family will embark on a two-month adventure across the continental United States, beginning in the Ember hometown of San Diego. The journey will include visits to retail stores–both those that currently house Ember goods and those that we hope will sign on.
Each visit seeks to forge relationships and tell the Ember story, as well as capture and promote the individual flavor of the businesses whose support have made the Ember story achievable. We want as many people as possible to believe that “Every woman has a dream”, and show how each individual and business owner is helping to make those dreams realities.
So that means Ember’s coming to you!
Jess and Clay want to explore what this country has to offer, and are looking for your input: best places to eat, essential things to see–they want to know what makes your city unique. Check out this interactive Google Map to get a rough idea where they’re heading! (Be sure to post any advice on the Ember Facebook page, and stay posted for a finalized itinerary.)
Want to really get involved? Here’s three ways to do so:

  • Host the family
    • The family is looking for places to stay and make friends along their journey. Gifts will, of course, abound, and you’ll be able to get to know the family personally and hear about Jess and Clay’s individual experiences. You’ll learn more about the Ember story, and become part of the story.
  • Host an Ember party
    • Publicize Ember Arts in your home town! Host an Ember party with plenty of gifts for yourself and your guests. All will be able to learn more about the Ember story, and become part of the story.
  • Suggest a store
    • Want to see Ember products in your favorite retail store? Make it happen! Contact your local shop and help Jess and Clay make the connection; let the store know they’ll be in the area, and help arrange a meeting. Gifts will, as always, abound.

The couple plans to set out the week of August 22nd, and they look forward to publishing and publicizing their journey on their family blog and the Ember Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Connolly Family Sets Out on Ember Tour

  1. If you guys are coming to New Hampshire, I would love to host you all. I am good friends with Stella Safari of Falling Whistles and serve as her NH family when she is at Dartmouth.

    I learned of Ember and James last year when I read an essay he had written about Nate O’Hana. The work the you all do and the opportunities that you provide to the women of Uganda is truly inspiring.

    Again, if you’re coming to NH, it would be an honor to host your family.

    Best regards,

    Kate Desrochers

  2. We’d love to have you with us, as well! Medford/Ashland/Central Point Oregon area. Blessings to you on your travels, and our love is with you!

  3. Dear family …

    If you find yourselves in the Houston area of Texas (and your map makes it look as though you do!) then you, OF COURSE, have a place to lay your heads, and I would LOVE to host a party! I’m not too sure about the marketing to local stores, but can look into it a little if you give me some dates as to when you think you’d be here.

    Let us know … you’re family, and you’re ALWAYS welcome!

    Suzanne and Daniel (and Hudson and Harrison, Ashleigh and the beebees!)

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