Every Woman has a Dream

Every Woman has a Dream — Ember Arts

Our good friends at Caava Design designed this poster for free, so that we could offer it as a gift to you. Click here or above to download the hi-res printable version.

Every woman has a dream — of personal success or building a family or lifelong adventure, or any combination of 1,000 goals. And today more women than ever have the liberty and resources to pursue their dreams.

But in places like Uganda where conflict and poverty limit opportunity, women’s dreams are often postponed and forgotten. Families invest their few resources in opportunities for boys and men, while girls are pulled out of school and women are confined to little more than domestic servitude. Over time their dreams flicker and fade.

Not only is this unjust, but new research shows that empowered women are often a family’s best hope to overcome poverty. They typically invest 90% of their income in the education and well-being of their families, as compared to only 30% or 40% among men. And as families succeed, so do communities. And as communities prosper, so do nations.

Ember Arts exists to rekindle the dreams of women in poverty. We build successful business ventures in partnership with these women and invest in their training and education, and they invest in their families and communities as only they can.

Every woman has a dream. And as more women around the world have the liberty and resources to pursue their dreams, more families, communities, and nations will prosper.

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