What are you for? — Commencement Speech, 2011

I’ve decided to write an annual commencement speech and just published my first one. Read the full text over at my personal blog, and enjoy the excerpt below:

This ability to think critically is a vital skill for succeeding in the world. But I would suggest to you that more vital yet is your decision about how you will use this skill, that your decision about how you will apply your critical insight is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

As a natural critic, it is very easy to figure out what you’re against, what’s not worth your time, what is bound to fail. But it’s exponentially more difficult to decide what you are for, what is worth your time, what you are going to believe in and support and throw yourself into whole-heartedly.

And it is this much more difficult task of deciding what you are for, that is not only one of the great ingredients of success, but is precisely what the world needs from you in the era of history that you now inherit.

Intern with Ember Arts

Intern with Ember Arts

This summer Ember Arts is hiring for three intern positions in San Diego, CA to help us grow our business and our impact in Uganda. To apply, send a note of interest to intern@emberarts.com by May 15.

Sales Intern

We sell our products in 300 stores nationally. The Sales Intern will become a key part of our small sales team, assisting the managers in opening new accounts and building relationships with current accounts.

Key Attributes of a Great Sales Intern:

  • You have a deep appreciation for our story
  • You’re optimistic
  • You love talking on the phone
  • Your friends tell you you’re a great listener
  • You love helping people solve their problems
  • You have experience in Sales and/or Customer Service

Online Marketing Intern

We are building a community of people who love our products and are committed to our story. The Online Marketing Intern will work independently and in collaboration with the Brand Manager to build that community and strengthen the ties within it.

Key Attributes of a Great Online Marketing Intern:

  • You have a deep appreciation for our story
  • You deeply value relationships among people
  • You work independently and get stuff done
  • You have a blast with social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Vimeo, etc.
  • You are into fashion and read a number of fashion blogs

Graphic Design Intern

Although our company is over 3 years old, the Ember Arts brand only turns 1 this summer. The Graphic Design Intern will help build the visual language for the brand in collaboration with the Brand Manager.

Key Attributes of a Great Graphic Design Intern:

  • You have a deep appreciation of our story
  • You pursue a simple elegance in your designs
  • You appreciate our current visual language and would like to augment it
  • You rock Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design programs
  • You design for both web and print

Also, check out these positions with our friends in Uganda:

Sseko Designs – Director of Operations

Krochet Kids – Production Manager