Ember Hero Update: Success!

During the month of July we kicked off a new project – Ember Heroes.  Our goal is to ignite hope by highlighting American women who are leading inspirational lives, and by supporting their projects and passions by donating 50% of a month’s online sales to the nonprofit of their choice.

Our first Ember Hero was Lisa Dougan, a young woman who has inspired thousands with her efforts to end Africa’s longest running war, and by her commitment to building and maintaining deep relationships with people from any political, economic, and social realm.

Ember Arts lisa_bw

Case in point, she’s recently been getting to know a group of teenagers in Washington, D.C., kids that have grown up in tough family and financial situations.  When we reached out to Lisa about being our first Ember Hero, she was trying to raise funds to send 35 D.C. teens to a summer camp that had life-changing potential.  We were excited to join her efforts.

Thanks to your response, Ember cut a check to Young Life to send two kids to summer camp, and Lisa reached her goal of seeing all 35 teens glimpse a different perspective on life.  Thanks for helping us, and Lisa, ignite hope.

[Photos from the Young Life camp]