Business Will Change the World, chapter 4: If you don’t buy it…

Business is the most powerful force shaping our lives, so this chapter asks: How do we guide business to do more good and less harm?

I believe that this question is one of the great callings of our moment in history. If we can aim the unprecedented power of global business in the direction of progress, and I believe we can, then we might not only avert a number of potential crises, we will also make enormous improvements in the lives of billions of people…

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Acholi Beads in Fred Segal!

Starting tonight at 7pm, Acholi Beads will be featured in a window display at internationally renowned retailer Fred Segal, courtesy of our friends at Falling Whistles.  They are hosting an incredible kick-off event tonight at the store.  If you are anywhere near LA, be there.  Details here:

Special Acholi Beads, Falling Whistles joint hang tag.

Special Acholi Beads, Falling Whistles joint hang tag.