Winner of the Times x 20 Giveaway!

Chum is the winner!

Turns out 20x someone’s order is a whole lot of jewelry.  That’s what my friend Chum learned after he won our Times x 20 Giveaway!  He got a package in the mail with $800 worth of handmade Acholi Beads jewelry.  What’s he going to do with it?  Follow him at and ask!

Our Times x 20 promotion was an idea to show the impact of 20x anything, because each time we partner with a new Acholi woman, she improves the lives of 20 people around her.  What does Times x 20 look like in beaded jewelry?  You’ll have to ask Chum.

We’re always thinking of creative ways to bring the story of our Acholi partners home to America.  Do have an idea?  We’re all ears.  Leave a comment or contact us.

[To choose the winner we took all the qualifying orders and numbered them, then chose a number using  Chum’s number came up!  Congratulations Chum!]

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