First Annual Acholi Gras Clearance Sale!

An Acholi Gras Bag!

An Acholi Gras Bag!

“You look so fat today!” To an American that’s a pretty blunt tool of an insult, but to an Acholi those words are a high compliment. After all, it’s hard to get fat as subsistence farmers facing the hunger and malnutrition of war. To be fat is to be rich. Men hope to grow a “politician’s belly” and women strive to be big and curvaceous.

As Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday” approaches we’re launching our own celebration: Acholi Gras, “Fat Acholi.” This first annual sale is a celebration of Acholi culture and our Acholi partners, who are eating better than ever thanks to all of our customers and supporters! These 16 women have experienced tremendous life change over the past year, and you can bet one change is reflected on the scale!

For a limited time we’re offering Acholi Gras Bags of Acholi Beads to celebrate. Each gift quality bag is filled with at least $80 of beautiful, handmade Acholi Beads jewelry from last year’s line (i.e. two months ago), and you pay only $39.99!

This is a great chance to fill out your Acholi Beads collection, get some gifts for friends, and change the world while doing it. Happy Acholi Gras!

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