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Joyce at three years old.

Joyce at three years old.

Joyce is a young girl whose life tells the story of an old war. As the longest running war in Africa continues to haunt Joyce’s home in northern Uganda, her scars attest to its brutality. When she was only two years old, Joyce was badly burned in a rebel attack, an attack that took the life of her mother. Later it was learned that Joyce is HIV positive, another scourge perpetuated by the war. And recently Joyce’s father succumbed to AIDS and passed away.

Now five years old, orphaned, and living with her stepmother, Joyce depends on the care of one of Invisible Children’s wonderful mentors to provide for her health, education and living needs. Despite her troubled circumstances Joyce is thriving. She is healthy and doing well in school, she loves playing with her friends, and she has a feisty sense of humor.

Joyce and I have a mutual friend named Aimee who has seen her through some of her hardest times, and is beloved by her family.  Aimee, hearing the news about Joyce’s father, immediately saw the need for renewed attention to Joyce’s well-being.

Joyce playing with Aimee.

Joyce playing with Aimee.

In this time of economic turmoil, we want to ensure that Joyce’s needs continue to be met through Invisible Children’s exemplary work in Uganda. Please consider donating in one of the two ways below, and hopefully one day Joyce will tell her own story far better than I have.  Thank you!

If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, or simply prefer writing a check, please make a check payable to Invisible Children, with “Joyce” written in the Memo line.  Send the check to the following address:

Attn: Adam Finck, Invisible Children Inc.
1620 5th Ave, Suite 400
San Diego, CA  92101

If you are not concerned with a tax receipt, please click the button below and donate through Pledgie.  This will go directly to my PayPal account, and will allow me to track donations with greater accuracy.  All the money I receive will be given to Invisible Children for Joyce’s care.

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