An Acholi Quarters Christmas

One thing that we don’t often remember when scouring the malls for the last Wii or the prettiest necklace, is that holidays happen in places like Uganda, too.  In Uganda, most people celebrate Christmas, and in Acholi Quarters they are no exception.

Imagine Christmas in Acholi Quarters.  For 20 years these people have been living in fear.  They fled their homes, ended up in a slum, and for years pounded rocks to earn just enough to survive.  On Christmas there are no stockings, no ornaments or lawn santas, no Christmas lights.  Many could not afford a single present.

Now, for the first time, 16 families are overcoming poverty.  They are earning good money each month, and now even saving money for the future.  Imagine the joy with which they will savor a special Christmas meal, and the thanks with which they might give gifts.

It’s moments like these that make Acholi Beads what it is, moments of connection, of sharing in the mutual joy of lives changing.  It’s going to be a merry Christmas indeed.

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