From Uganda, with Suspense

The blog is making a comeback, starting today!  I’m in Uganda right now, have been for over a month.  I came with one goal in mind — to make Acholi Beads a model of Socially Proactive Business.  This means making it hugely beneficial for the women of Acholi Quarters, and making it as successful a business as possible.

Tomorrow George and the beadmakers will officially register a co-operative that we’ve been working on building for the last four weeks.  This co-op will provide a sturdy foundation on which they can build a host of other life-improving projects.  Already they have started a savings program that is helping them meet the bigger needs of life – school fees, medical expenses, etc.

This past weekend, all members of the co-op were invited to start training in personal financial management, including budgeting and saving to meet the needs of their families.  I contracted the best trainer I’ve ever met to teach a curriculum that we designed together in northern Uganda.  The women loved it.  After just the first session they were talking about how much better their lives would be.  And the trainer, after two days with the bead makers, said, “These women are so committed!  They are going to do something great.”

And that’s not all.  My sister Robin came to Uganda with me to consult on style and materials.  Thanks to her fashionable eye we have some fantastic new products and great changes to our current line to offer in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled.  The new products will launch at about the same time as our new website, currently being slaved over by a few great friends of mine.

Acholi Beads is about to hit a whole new level of marketability, just as it reaches a new peak of life-change for the beadmakers.  This is Socially Proactive Business.

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