LRA Leader Ready for Peace Agreement

The secretive leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, said yesterday on a northern Uganda radio station that he is ready and waiting to sign a final peace agreement. This is a very positive step. Kony had been silent since the LRA’s second in command and chief communicator, Vincent Otti, was executed by Kony last November.

By calling for a peace agreement now, Kony may be trying to avoid a military offensive threatened by the Ugandan government in conjunction with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The two governments agreed earlier this month that if progress was not made on the peace talks by January 31, they would coordinate to flush the LRA out of their secluded base in the jungles of Congo.

To ensure that all parties involved refrain from dangerous military action that could further devastate northern Uganda and the Acholi people, please go to the Resolve Uganda site and send an email to your Congressperson.

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